Review Policy

I am honored that would consider me to review your novel! I am currently accepting requests, so this is your lucky day. If your book does not meet the required criteria, the request will be deleted. I AM CURRENTLY ACCEPTING SELF-PUBLISHED NOVELS.

I cannot guarantee that your book will be read and review right away, as I have school, work, and other novels to read and review. If there is an urgency in the review, such as the publishing date is nearing, let me know in the review request.

What I am NOT accepting at this time

  • Non-fiction
  • Paid reviews

What genres I read

  • YA:
    • Contemporay
    • Realistic
    • Fanstasy
    • Dystopian/Utopian
  • Other:
    • Memoirs (picky)

Accepted formats

  • Physical copies (Paperback/Hardback/ARCs)
  • Digital copies (kindle)
  • NO audiobooks at this time

What to include in your review request

  • Subject: Review request for [book title] by [author name]
  • Copy of cover to use in my review if I choose to review your book
  • Publisher and publishing date
  • Format
  • Length
  • If urgency, when you need the book reviewed by
  • Teaser (like a synopsis, but a tad shorter). If you spoil the book, your request will be deleted.
  • Excerpt from the book, no longer than a chapter
  • Let us know if you would be open to a giveaway and/or an author Q&A to go along with the review. This will not affect whether or not I choose to review your book.

If your book is chosen for review

I am an honest reviewer, and as such I will not sugar coat my review or give it high praise on the bases that you sent it to me. IF YOU ARE NOT OKAY WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF RECEIVING A NEGATIVE REVIEW, DO NOT SEND A REQUEST. If your book is chosen, I will email you and notify you that it has been selected for review.

Where to send a request

If your novel meets the above criteria, please contact me by email at jordanrashell[at]gmail[dot]com. I post reviews on here, and, if applicable, goodreads and amazon.