How I Rate Books

When I first joined goodreads all those years ago, I was pretty lenient with my rating. If I thought a book was good/I didn’t want to throw it out of a moving car, I would give it an automatic 5 stars. If it made me want to chuck it into a bonfire and chant ancient rituals condemning it to the depths of hell, it received 1 star. After I really started getting into bookstagram and actually blogging, I realized I would have to be more strict with my rating system; just because I enjoyed it, doesn’t mean that it was a beautiful piece of literature that completely altered my mind (*cough* Gentleman’s Guide *cough*). So, without further ado, here is my new and improved rating system!

5 Stars: A book will receive 5 stars if I absolutely adored it. I will reread this book multiple times and recommend it to my friends and everyone I see on the street. If I borrowed this book from the library, I will put it on my to-buy list because it was just so good that I have to own it.

4 Stars: This book was well written, had amazing characters, and a lovely plot. I would recommend this to friends and fellow book lovers, but this book did not change my life. Depending on the plot and/or genre, I may or may not reread.

3 Stars: This book was a bit on the meh side of things. I probably wouldn’t reread or recommend it unless I know that another person would enjoy the book. This book may have dragged on or had loose ends. I was able to look past the few grammatical mistakes.

2 Stars: I would have been perfectly fine and unaffected had I not read this book. It took forever to read and could have easily been shorter. The plot was weak, the characters were predictable, and there were too many grammatical mistakes. I would not recommend this book.

1 Star: Easily the worst book I have ever had the displeasure of reading. If I were to create a pro/con list of everything about this book, I would have one pro and about fifty cons. I barely managed to finish the first chapter, let alone the book itself.

DNF: I couldn’t bring myself to finish this book. The writing sucked, the characters were flat, and the plot was predictable from the first chapter. I would not wish this book upon my worst enemy.