2019 Reading Resolutions

It is officially 2018!!! YES!!! I hit my goal of 50 books and then surpassed it and hit 60 books (at the time of posting this). I would have hit a higher number, but I totally slacked on my reading from May to July. Anyway, as the saying goes, “new year, new me”, so let’s set some goals for 2019.

  • Read 75 books. After seeing the amount of books I was able to read this year with some slacking months thrown in, I can’t wait to see how many I can read when I actually put forth some effort.
  • Cut down on my spending.I have been spending way too much money on books this past year, it’s a little ridiculous. I spend close to $100 every time I take a trip to the bookstore.
  • Clear my Netgalley shelves. My Netgalley shelves are completely filled to the brim with books. I once went a little request happy and now have waaaaaay too many books to review.
  • Work on my blog. I have not been putting effort into my blog and my stats really show it. I recently downloaded the 2019 Book Blogger Spreadsheet by ReaderVoracious and I am now able to organize everything in one place. I am going to attempt to pick a day that I do not work and start drafting some posts for you guys. I also want to tweak my theme again, and maybe upgrade to a business plan so I can do more. 
  • Be more involved in the community.One thing I struggle with is actually involving myself in the book community. I mean, sure, I like peoples’ picture and their Goodreads updates, but I don’t really interact with people like I should. The book community is such a wonderful and loving place.
  • Pick and Instagram theme and actually stick to it.I struggle with this a lot. I’ll find a theme, take pictures for my insta that follow the theme, run out of pictures to use, and then reset my theme again. Oops.
  • Use my local library.My public library got a makeover a couple years ago and it looks great. I am also friends with one of the librarians, so I get tons of recommendations.
  • Participate in more challenges.Every year people host more and more challenges, and I need to start doing them. I will fill out all of the book bingo cards and do all of the read-a-thons.
  • Catch up on series I’ve started.I’ve started many series and not finished many series. I have also bought complete series that I have yet to pick up.
  • Add a new section to my blog.I watch enough movies and tv shows that I could probably write reviews for them too.
  • Expand my reading. I dabbled in thrillers and cozy mysteries in October, and I wasn’t completely put off. I enjoyed the mystery but the thrillers were a bit touch and go. I wouldn’t mind picking up some nonfiction books or maybe try a classic or two.

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